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Leg Town - dedicated to the beauty of female legs

This town was founded in 2007 and has a population that consists mainly of women with shapely legs and men who love and worship those leggy women. The women not only have beautiful legs, they also know very well how to use those legs. They are great at posing and teasing, but even greater at wrestling and dominating by using their strong legs. Famous local traditions are the custom of wearing long, thigh high stockings as well as the practise of dominating victims by face-sitting or other forms of straddling and especially by using scissors, squeezing the victims between expert legs.

So if you love curvy female legs, nice legs in over knee stockings, women on top, female domination over men and muscular legs performing head scissors and body scissors – this is your kind of town. Enjoy your stay.
Stan Riceton, mayor of Leg town
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Although there is no nudity or explicit pornography on this website, there is material of an erotic nature that is perhaps not suited for those under 18 years of age.

Do you have recommendations about videos, photos of your own to contribute, stories that you want to share... Welcome! Models wanted! I’m always on the lookout for new inhabitants to my town. If you are in the neighbourhood and are willing to model, don’t hesitate to contact me. Although Leg town is a state of mind more than a place, perhaps I should mention that its physical home is in the north of Europe.

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2016 april
This site will soon close. It's too complicated to maintain and I don't have the time. I plan to come back with something simpler, but with even more photos. Meanwhile you can find Scissorfan Stan on facebook.

2014 april-july
BIG updates almost everywhere
in Stockings storehouse,
Scissor square and Straddle street

Tia & Ella. Galleries in Stan's Scissors and Straddles. Great girls.
I can recommend them (and will post a banner soon)

Straddle Street - Misc. updated

Straddle Street - M/F updated

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Leg Centre updated

Updates of Jenni in Stan's Scissors.
Let me tell you about Jenni. Her looks are great, her legs are great, her scissors are great, her personality is great. She is positive, humorous, creative, energetic, professional (I could go on and on) and very nice. She's the best model I've met and I totally recommend her to anyone who wants a great experience. Thank you, Jenni!

Big update in Stockings Storehouse - and more to come soon

New galleries and some updates in Scissors misc. & Straddle misc.

34 galleries updated in M/F HS front

Believe it or not - I started updating again! And this time I plan to make a BIG update. New pics coming all july. Starting with Scissor Square (first M/F HS front).
And with original photos of the scissor goddess Jenni. Enjoy!

Stockings updates

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Scissor Foxes album published

Best Sites updated with Scissor Foxes lists

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more updates coming
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